Case Study: Age No Barrier to Regrowing Hair

George* had always had a thick, dense head of hair. It wasn’t until he reached his seventies that he started to notice a loss of density in his crown. Even at 75 George wasn’t ready to lose his hair. So, after seeing an Ashley and Martin advertisement on the TV, he booked an appointment to speak to someone as soon as possible.

George was suffering from a few minor health issues including diabetes, kidney stones and psoriasis. And, unsurprisingly, he was taking a variety of medications to combat and control these ailments. Not one to let age define him, George was full of life and made sure his much younger consultant knew that attitude was everything and she was only as old as she felt.

The Ashley and Martin consultant went through the health questionnaire and, due to his age and various medications, she recommended low light laser therapy. This at-home laser treatment was to start out slowly and build up to half an hour every second day. George also took a natural supplement each morning and washed his hair with specialised shampoos and conditioners to maintain his scalp in the best condition for new hair follicles to flourish.

At the beginning of his program, his consultant kept in regular contact with George over the phone to ensure he was following the treatment correctly. Once he had gotten into a steady routine, he found it easy to maintain and felt confident to continue doing so on his own.

After four months of following his routine, George came into the clinic for his first Ashley and Martin review. Both George and his wife had noticed an improvement since starting his laser therapy. And when comparing the photos taken in his first consult he could see the noticeable improvement in density, shine and overall health of his hair. George was thrilled with the speed at which he had achieved these improvements.




*name changed to protect privacy

19 Dec 2018 0