Case Study: Ashley and Martin Achieves What Client Thought Was Not Possible

Jaxon* was driving home one evening when an ad between songs caught his attention.  The 20 year old student had been considering doing something about his hair loss for the past year; and now, listening to the Ashley and Martin ad playing on the radio, he knew it was time.  At seventeen Jaxon had first seen the signs of early hair loss and felt his heart sink.  He had a strong family history of hair loss and knew what was in store for him.  Other men in his family had tried the over the counter remedies without success, so Jaxon had never considered using them himself.  He considered them a waste of money.

Worried about his appearance, he made the call to Ashley and Martin.  Sitting with his consultant at his free consultation, he expressed his concern over losing his hair so young.  He felt it made him look older than his friends and he had lost his confidence in speaking to women; especially around friends who were not suffering from hair loss.  The consultant conducted a scalp examination and placed Jaxon at a level III on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale.   He also took photographs of Jaxon’s hair loss.  These would act as base line photos to assess the success of Jaxon’s program should he chose to go ahead with treatment.  He would also be able to track the rate of loss at a further date if he was not keen to treat his hair straight away.

The consultant explained all the aspects of RealGROWTH® program to Jaxon.  It could help Jaxon to retain the hair he still had, work to block the hormones that were retarding the hair’s growth cycle and prompt the hair to re-enter the active growth phase.  Jaxon was happy with what he had heard from the consultant and enrolled on a RealGROWTH® program before leaving the office.  He was booked in to see the clinic doctor to have his medications prescribed and given the non-prescription items in his program to take home.

Over the course of his program he kept in contact with his consultant for regular progress reviews and attended the clinic for Low Level Laser Therapy as often as he could.  It excited him to see his hair regrowing steadily in his progress check-ups.  Jaxon was thrilled with the results of his program.  He had not thought it was possible to fix his hair loss. Knowing that his hair was no longer regressing and his hair line was gradually moving forward returned Jaxon’s confidence.







*name changed to protect privacy

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