Case Study: Ashley and Martin Helps Client Achieve More Hair Regrowth Than He Thought Possible

Shane* had been gradually losing his hair for almost three years now. Recently he had noticed that the shedding increased during periods of high stress. Keen to keep the hair he had left, Shane went looking for a hair loss specialist online. The 47 year old was a very sociable person and interacted with lots of people in his daily work life. To him, his appearance was an integral part of who he was and he was not willing to concede defeat with his hair just yet. It had happened to his grandfather, but he was not going to let it happen to him.

Wanting the best hair loss treatment available, Shane had not tried to treat his hair loss himself with over the counter hair loss products. Instead Shane used Ashley and Martin’s online enquiry system to book an appointment that suited his work schedule.

Shane’s consultant noted the receding temporal region and generalised thinning throughout during his examination and, as there were no relevant medical issues impacting Shane’s hair growth cycle, diagnosed his male pattern hair loss at a stage III on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale. After an in depth discussion about the medications the consultant recommended to treat Shane’s hair loss, Shane signed up for treatment.

Although he travelled a lot for work, Shane always made time to come in to his local hair loss clinic for regular laser therapy appointments. He wanted to continue looking good and was determined to do everything within his power to succeed on his treatment plan.

After twelve weeks on the program Shane attended his first Ashley and Martin Review. The hair regrowth he had achieved in such short space of time was more than he thought was possible. Shane’s hair was full and thick again and he was feeling great about the way he looked.






*name changed to protect privacy

29 Dec 2016 0