Case Study: Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH Program Protects New Hair During Time of Stress

Owning his own business was a source of constant stress for Andrew*.  The 40 year old was passionate about his job and had a happy home life, the one thing he was not happy about was the way his hair was beginning to age his appearance.  In the last twelve months he had begun to notice his hair thinning out, especially on his crown.  It was alarming to see it fall out at such a rate that a small bald spot had appeared in under a year.  At this stage he was able to cover it up by keeping his hair long, but he worried that it would spread rapidly.

After eight weeks of thinking it over, he decided to go online and find out what could be done about his hair loss.  He found the Ashley and Martin website and after reading about other success stories he used the online enquiry form to book an appointment at his nearest clinic.

His consultant took a family and medical history and discussed contributing stressors with Andrew.  He diagnosed Andrew with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III – IV.  Andrew was unsure how he could have a genetic hair loss condition when he did not know of anyone in his family who had lost their hair.  The consultant explained that the hair loss gene could sit dormant throughout generations.  The constant stress that he was under could trigger or exacerbate the condition.

After having the RealGROWTH® program explained to him, Andrew decided it was worth trying.  He signed up for treatment and was booked in to see the doctor to have  a check-up and his medications prescribed.  Over the coming months Andrew took his medications as regularly as possible with the busy lifestyle he lead.  After six weeks he saw his hair growth cycle move out of the resting phase it had been in and begin to grow again.  Over the coming months Andrew’s hair began to regain its former density, however during a particularly stressful time at work working exceptionally long hours his hair did enter a brief Telogen phase again.  The medication he was taking prevented his hair from shedding at a higher than normal rate at this time and as his stress levels reduced, his hair began to grow again.

Andrew’s work prevented him for attending the clinic for regular progress reviews and Low Level Laser Therapy treatments, however when he was able to come in to see his consultant nine months after beginning his program, he was thrilled with the results he had gained.






*name changed to protect privacy

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