Case Study: Balding Crown and Weak Hair Line Significantly Reduced In Just Five Months

Ramil’s* hair loss was advanced for 27 years old. In two and a half short years, he had developed a large balding patch on his crown and as his frontal hair line weakened, his hair continued to become dry, brittle, and sparsely populated. Unsure where to start in solving the problem, Ramil googled hair loss solutions to find out what was available to him. Finding the Ashley and Martin website and success stories, Ramil filled in the online contact form to request a call from his local clinic.

Upon examination, the consultant Ramil met with could see that his hair loss was following the classic pattern of androgenic alopecia. And although Ramil was not aware of any immediate family suffering from the condition, he was diagnosed with male pattern hair loss, Norwood level III vertex. Confident that the RealGROWTH® program could help Ramil regrow hair by reactivating dormant hair follicles and promoting new growth, the consultant explained how this multi-faceted approach would work. Over the past three years, Ramil had become extremely self-conscious about his appearance and although he had not tried any other hair loss treatment, he had certainly been thinking about it from the moment he started losing his hair. Not content to give in and let genetics further destroy his hair so young, Ramil signed up for treatment.

Living in a rural area too far away from the metropolitan clinic to regularly attend laser therapy sessions, Ramil diligently adhered to all other aspects of the medical hair loss program he had been given. And the results were astounding to watch. By the time he returned to the clinic for a progress review five months into treatment, Ramil was beginning to regain a lot of his lost confidence along with his hair. Fuller, thicker, and healthier, Ramil’s hair had quickly increased in density and he was excited to see what the rest of his medical hair loss treatment program would bring.



*name changed to protect privacy

08 Jan 2020 0