Case Study: Client Amazed and Overjoyed with Results From Ashley and Martin Treatment

Mark’s* mother was concerned for her son. At only seventeen years old and in his last year of high school, Mark’s hair had rapidly decreased in density in the last six months. This accelerated hair loss had left Mark with noticeably thinner and lighter hair throughout the top of his head. A fit, healthy teenager with no undue stress in his life, Mark already had a foot in the door of his chosen career path already. Aspiring to work closely with people in an image conscious industry, he felt that gaining his hair back would restore his confidence and allow him to continue doing this.

Still in his school uniform, Mark attended his initial consultation with his mother. At this stage he had not tried to treat his hair loss at all. His mother was sceptical of the over the counter products on the market and wanted to get her son help from professionals. All she needed was for her son to be able to finish school and university without going bald. It was clear to the consultant that she wanted the best for her son and the fact the hair loss was upsetting him was affecting her too.

The pattern of loss the teenager was experiencing indicated to the consultant that Mark was suffering from Male Pattern Hair Loss. All the men on the maternal side of his family had started to go bald at an early age and Mark was no different. The consultant suggested Mark use a RealGROWTH® program that had been tailored to his needs due to his young age. And after an appointment with the clinic GP in which the program was outlined in further detail, Luke was signed up for treatment.

Mark attended the clinic for laser treatments once, if not twice, a week. After finishing a session of laser therapy approximately sixteen weeks after beginning treatment, Mark walked past his consultant who was thrilled to see how much regrowth he had achieved already. She asked him to book an appointment with her for an Ashley and Martin Review to assess his progress on the program.

The progress photos that were taken clearly showed small hairs in Mark’s temporal area that had previously receded back. As it had grown in thicker, his hair had also become darker on top, matching the hair on the sides of his head. Amazed and overjoyed with how well the treatment was working, Mark couldn’t wait to see what would happen over the coming months.






*name changed to protect privacy

16 Nov 2016 0