Case Study: Client Amazed with Non-Surgical Results

It was our reputation that drew Elijah* to Ashley and Martin. Elijah owned his own thriving business and for him image was everything. The face of his company, Elijah had already decided to undergo a hair transplant the following year in order to get what he considered to be the best results that could be achieved. He had tried using over the counter products to combat the genetic trait that had caused his father and brother’s hair to fall out, and when that had not worked he made the decision to transplant. In the meantime, he contacted Ashley and Martin to find out if there was anything else to be done.

The consultant Elijah met with was confident that he would be able to assist Elijah to regrow a great deal of his hair before he underwent transplantation. Familiar with the transplant process as Ashley and Martin also provide this service, Elijah’s consultant explained the long-term maintenance process of a hair transplant to him. As Elijah’s hair loss was genetic in nature, he would need to continue to address the root cause of his accelerated shedding after the operation or any transplanted hair would fall victim to the same fate. The RealGROWTH® program the consultant recommended to combat Elijah’s advanced Norwood IV hair loss would also be able to support newly transplanted hair in the future.

The 30-year-old went away to think about everything he had heard before committing to treatment. He had been offered the option of a program which was fully home based or one in which he attended the clinic weekly for laser therapy. In the end, Elijah opted to attend the clinic for laser therapy rather than purchase a laser device to use at home.

Four months into his treatment, Elijah was amazed at the difference in his hair. He could not believe he had regrown so much hair without surgery. There had been a substantial increase in the overall density of his hair with his scalp fully covered in some areas. It left him to wonder if there would be any need of a transplant by the time his operation rolled around.



*name changed to protect privacy

12 Feb 2019 0