Case Study: Client Concerns Supported by Ashley and Martin Staff

Keisha* was hesitant to attend her first appointment with Ashley and Martin. She had made several online enquiries over the span of four years before gathering the courage to attend an initial consultation. She was only 24 years old and had already been experiencing hair loss for a decade. She had hoped that her condition would get better as she got older but, unfortunately, the state of her hair only continued to decline.

Concerned that it may have been more than her genetic predisposition to Female Pattern Hair Loss, Keisha had already been to her GP to discuss her hair. Blood tests had revealed that Keisha was iron deficient. As she did not eat red meat, Keisha began to take iron supplements. This did not improve her hair however. Worried she would lose her hair as her mother had done, Keisha finally attended an appointment with Ashley and Martin.

During her initial consultation, she discussed the 50% loss in density that had taken place over the past ten years. Her consultant could see Keisha’s hair had become noticeably thin in the mid-frontal area, her hairline and crown. This advanced thinning was affecting her self-esteem; culturally as well as socially her hair was very important to her.

Keisha took her consultant’s advice while at the initial consultation and purchased a Laser Cap and a dietary supplement specially formulated to promote hair health and growth.

A month after starting treatment, Keisha called her consultant in alarm. Although she had been using her Laser Cap on alternating days as advised, she was losing more hair than ever. Her consultant assured Keisha there was nothing to worry about, it was quite normal in the beginning stages of treatment to continue to experience shedding. A further four weeks later the consultant called to check in with Keisha to make sure everything was going well. Unfortunately, Keisha did not feel it was. The consultant advised her to come in for a check-up with both the doctor and herself to discuss the higher than usual shedding.

By the time Keisha attended this check-up it had been three months since she had started treatment. The doctor saw no reason for concern. Even Keisha said her sister had been doing her hair and noticed it was looking thicker. The consultant took a set of progress photos and compared them to the first set that had been taken. There was a significant increase in density throughout the mid-frontal area, part line and crown; much more than the consultant had expected at this early stage. Keisha was thrilled to see the difference after a concerning start to treatment and was excited to see her next set of progress photos at her first scheduled Ashley and Martin Review.







*name changed to protect privacy

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