Case Study: Client Convinced of Efficacy of Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH Program

Ty* worked face to face with the public in a high pressure environment.  His hair loss was causing him extra stress; as well as feeling insecure about ageing prematurely, Ty relied on his hair to help him present the professional image he was aiming for.

The 30 year old submitted a request for a call back online after hearing about Ashley and Martin on a radio ad.  At this stage he had been losing his hair for three years and was glad to hear that there was hope for someone in his position.

Sitting in his consultant’s office Ty said he had been becoming increasingly concerned about his appearance over the last six months and the idea of seeking treatment had been playing on his mind quite a bit.  The consultant conducted a scalp examination in which he diagnosed Ty with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood II – III.  He went on to explain to Ty that stress often plays a part in accelerating the rate of loss people with a family history of hair loss experience.  The consultant explained the benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatments to compliment Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® medications program.  Ty was unable to attend the clinic for these treatments due to such a high work load.  The consultant understood the demands on Ty’s time and presented him with an in home treatment option that would fit in to his busy schedule.

Ty liked to take his time to make decisions and after meeting with his consultant went home to consider treatment over the weekend.   After considering his options carefully, Ty called his consultant to begin treatment using RealGROWTH™ and a LLLT Laser Cap.

After four months Ty was able to make time to come in to see his consultant for his first scheduled Ashley and Martin Review.  Photos had been taken of his hair loss at the first appointment as a baseline for comparison.  A further set of photos was taken for Ty to look at and assess the success of the initial stages of his program.  After seeing the new hair growth on his crown Ty was excited about the efficacy of his treatment plan.  He couldn’t wait to see the photos from his next progress check-up.






*name changed to protect privacy

08 Aug 2016 0