Case Study: Client Feels Ashley and Martin’s Expert Reputation Well Earned

Looking at the difference between the photos taken that day and the ones taken four months previously, Aaron* was ecstatic. When he had first come to Ashley and Martin for help, his hair was sparsely populated, there was a deep recession in his temporal region, and he had a sizable balding patch on his crown. Looking at these new photos however, he could see dense new growth all over, his temporal hair line had moved forward, and his crown was almost completely covered. He had hardly believed treatment for his degree of hair loss was possible to begin with. But the evidence was right in front of him.

Aaron had sought out Ashley and Martin after hearing about us on TV. And after finding us online, he could clearly see Ashley and Martin were specialists in the field of medical hair loss treatment. At this stage Aaron had been considering hair loss treatment for two years. Without a second thought he took the plunge, filled in the online contact form and booked his free consultation.

The RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program his consultant had suggested was a simple, quick process he could complete in his own home. And his regular laser therapy sessions in the clinic were a part of the treatment package. All of this together with the support of the clinic hair loss doctor if he had questions or concerns along the way and lack of hard sell gave Aaron the confidence to want to move forward with treatment. The Norwood level III vertex loss he was experiencing had seriously affected his confidence when out socially. He knew he had to do something about it quickly. It did not take Aaron long to return to the clinic and sign up for treatment.

Now, four years after his hair had started to shed excessively, the 29-year-old was glad he had not bothered to try any other treatments or remedies before coming to Ashley and Martin. He could see the reputation as experts in the field was well earned and was glad he had acted on the need to find a treatment for male pattern baldness.



*name changed to protect privacy

17 Jun 2019 0