Case Study: Client Feels Ready For Upcoming Wedding after Ashley and Martin Treatment Regrows Hair

With his wedding date set for the coming spring, Connor* wanted to look his best.  He was already insecure about his seven years’ worth of hair loss, but the idea of people seeing his balding scalp while standing in front of everyone was making him anxious.

Three months earlier Connor’s partner had seen Ashley and Martin on the television and, understanding his insecurities, she called to make an appointment for him.  The couple had attended the initial consultation together to find out what treatment was available to him; they already knew it was a genetic condition as his brother and father had experienced hair loss also.  A scalp examination led to a diagnosis of Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III vertex.  The pattern of temporal recession and excessive thinning on his crown confirmed that Connor’s was a genetic condition. After discussing the process of treatment and the expected outcomes, the couple went home to talk it over before committing to a treatment plan.

In the three months between visits to his Ashley and Martin consultant Connor’s life underwent some major changes.  A new home was purchased and he asked his partner to marry him.  Now it was time to do something about his hair before his wedding day.  He enrolled on a RealGROWTH® program.

Over the coming months he could see that his colleagues at work were noticing the difference but, worried it was a little personal, felt uncomfortable mentioning it to him. Watching his hair regrow he couldn’t believe it had taken him so long to seek out treatment for his condition; it had taken him a year of consideration before his partner had made the call for him.

After four months on the program the 29 year old made time in his schedule to come in to the clinic for an Ashley and Martin Review.  Just like in his initial consultation, photos of his hair were taken from all angles.  These were then put up on the computer to compare side by side.  Connor couldn’t believe it when he saw the vast difference sixteen weeks of medication had made to his hair.  He was thrilled by the substantial increase in density.  His crown looked like he had never suffered hair loss at all.  Extremely happy with his early results, he felt ready for his upcoming nuptials.







*name changed to protect privacy

24 Aug 2016 0