Case Study: Client Gains Confidence to Cut Hair Shorter After Balding Patches Addressed By Ashley and Martin

Brad* had heard the radio advertising for Ashley and Martin several times. His hair had been getting steadily thinner over the past three years and rather than try over the counter remedies that might not work, he decided he would go straight to a hair loss specialist. After considering his options for a few months, he went online to contact us.

Brad took pride in his appearance and with a strong family connection to hair loss he was beginning to get quite concerned. He had seen hair loss age other men in his family and change the way they looked. The general thinning all over had not yet created a recession in his frontal hair line, but he could see his temples had been affected already.

After speaking to an Ashley and Martin consultant to find the best hair loss treatment available to him, Brad made the decision to treat his Norwood IV loss with a RealGROWTH® medications treatment plan immediately.

Four months into his RealGROWTH® program, it was time for Brad’s first Ashley and Martin Review. This appointment was for Brad and his consultant to assess the progress of his program to date. By now the medication Brad was on would have slowed the excess shedding to a natural rate and created a healthy environment for Brad’s hair to regrow. The consultant expected that they would see the beginnings of healthier, new growth from the hair follicles that had previously been sprouting miniaturised hairs by this stage.

The consultant had taken photos of Brad’s hair at his first appointment and now took a second set of photos from the same angles. Both Brad and the consultant looked at these photos side by side on the computer to assess his progress. Brad, who had begun to wear his hair shorter, was already aware that his hair was growing back. This new growth he was seeing had given him the confidence to cut his hair as he was no longer trying to hide the balding patches. Both men could see that Brad’s new found confidence was not misplaced. The increase in density, particularly through his part line, was plainly obvious.






*name changed to protect privacy

01 Mar 2017 0