Case Study: Client Proceeds with Ashley and Martin’s Treatment Because of Money Back Guarantee

Advik* had been thinking about seeking treatment for his hair loss for over a year, however he had never taken the next step and found out what was available to him. It had been four years since he had initially begun to shed his hair at a higher than normal rate. Advik had tried using a herbal almond oil to treat his hair, hoping the omega-3’s, vitamin E and magnesium would rejuvenate and strengthen his hair. This remedy had no effect however and his hair continued thinning.

Now 25 years old his self-confidence had been eroded to the point he rarely left the house without a hat. After hearing about Ashley and Martin on the radio, Advik went online to find out more. Satisfied with what he saw, Advik used the online enquiry form to submit a request for a call back. Advik’s girlfriend understood how his hair loss was making him feel and was fully supportive of his need to seek treatment. She offered to come with him to his appointment for moral support.

After getting to know Advik’s family and medical history, his consultant conducted a scalp examination. The consultant noted Advik’s main areas of thinning were from the frontal hair line back to the crown and the hair that was left was excessively fine. The hair was so sparse his scalp was easily visible. Considering Advik’s father and grandfather had lost their hair together with the pattern of loss he was experiencing, it was a clear diagnosis of Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood Va.

The consultant explained how the RealGROWTH® program could assist Advik to regrow his lost hair and encouraged him to ask any questions he had. Advik queried the success rate of the program and the effectiveness of the treatment for his specific situation. After finding out Ashley and Martin were so confident in our product a money back guarantee was offered, Advik signed up for a RealGROWTH® program.

Over the coming months Advik took his medication faithfully and attended regular Low Level Laser Therapy treatments with his girlfriend supporting him the whole way through. After four months on the program Advik attended an Ashley and Martin Review to assess his progress. Without needing to see his original photos compared to new ones taken in the check-up, Advik knew the program was working for him. His parents and girlfriend had been giving him positive feedback on the visible changes to his hair. And the difference was so striking he couldn’t miss it. The new growth had bolstered his confidence to the point he hardly ever wore a hat when he went outside now. Advik thanked the consultant for giving him a money back guarantee; it had been a crucial factor in his original decision making. He was extremely happy that the program had lived up the confidence the consultant had in it and was excited to show his family his progress photos.







*name changed to protect privacy

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