Case Study: Client Receives Compliments on How Good He is Looking After Coming to Ashley and Martin

Kiaan* had all but given up on the idea of being able to regrow his hair. This hopelessness made him hesitant when it came to attending his first appointment with Ashley and Martin. Unsure if it was even possible at this late stage, Kiaan was not sure if it was worth speaking to anyone about it. He had rebooked his initial consultation numerous times over the past six months, but finally he was ready to meet with a consultant to discuss the hair loss treatment for men that Ashley and Martin offered.

Supportive of her husband’s needs and understanding of his insecurities, Kiaan’s wife came with him to his first appointment. Getting to know his client, the consultant listened as Kiaan described the stress he was under running his business. His father and uncles had all lost their hair but the thirty-two year old never seemed to find the right time to try treating his own hair no matter how many times he thought about it. Examining Kiaan’s hair, the consultant could see that he was experiencing a deep recession in the temporal region and thinning hair had given him a weak frontal hair line. The thinning across his crown was excessive and it was clear that hair fall was decreasing his overall density.

After having all aspects of the RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth treatment explained to them, the couple still had misgivings. They were worried about outlaying money on a treatment that may not work. The offer of a money back guarantee put their minds at rest and Kiaan signed up for treatment.

Every week Kiaan came to the clinic for laser therapy treatments and every day he completed his short treatment routine. By the time he was due for his first Ashley and Martin Review, Kiaan was impressed with what the program had delivered. The exceptional regrowth had people paying him complements on how good he was looking. Even his wife, who owned a beauty parlour, was so impressed with the results that she was telling people Ashley and Martin’s treatment was an effective way to regrow hair.






*name changed to protect privacy

26 Apr 2017 0