Case Study: Client reverses the family trend of hair loss, regaining his hair and his confidence.

Declan’s* father, brother and grandfather had all suffered from hair loss. It was a family trait and now, at 27 years old, Declan was beginning to see the effects of sharing the same genes. He had been shedding for nearly three years and considering treatment for the last few months – he had reached his turning point and made an online appointment to see an Ashley and Martin medical hair loss specialist.

At his consultation, Declan was diagnosed with Level III vertex hair loss. It came as no surprise to hear that he was suffering from male pattern baldness and he felt confident in signing up to the Ashley and Martin RealGROWTH® treatment plan for two reasons;

  1. He had researched online and knew that there was a great chance of success if treated early enough and;
  2. He was aware that there was a full money back guarantee structure in place and had nothing to lose.

His consultant explained that the treatment program would be tailored to Declan’s needs and could be fully carried out at home by using a combination of prescribed medications, speciality cleansing products, natural supplements and therapeutic treatments to combat every area of  the problem. He would also receive on-going support from the clinic with progress checks to gauge the efficacy of the treatment.

Six months into his treatment plan, the loss on his vertex was already almost completely covered over and both family and friends had commented on how thick and healthy his hair was looking. Declan was extremely happy with his new head of hair, he had wanted to receive treatment while he still had control over it – he knew the family genes would kick in at some point and he took control and addressed the problem early enough to achieve fantastic results.

*name changed to protect privacy

27 Oct 2021 0