Case Study: Client Who Only Expects Small Changes Delighted by Significant Regrowth

Mikaere* had heard Ashley and Martin to be a trusted brand before he contacted us to help him with his hair loss. And fifteen weeks after he first set foot in his local clinic he knew why people trusted the name Ashley and Martin.

Mikaere had been using an over the counter topical solution from the chemist to treat his hair loss problem for a year before giving up. While this had helped a little, it was not enough to reverse the amount of damage done over the past four years. Only 27 years old and already so thin on top his scalp was clearly visible, Mikaere decided it was time to seek professional help.

After discussing contributing factors such as family history of hair loss, relevant medical history and stress levels, his consultant examined Mikaere’s scalp. The advanced thinning from frontal hair line to crown was assessed to be at a level IV – V on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale. It troubled Mikaere to think of how much older than his 27 years his hair loss made him look and knew he would feel better about himself if he could remedy the situation.

There were several treatment options available to Mikaere. After a comprehensive discussion of the pros and cons of each route Mikaere went home to think it all over. It was only two weeks before Mikaere was back in his consultant’s office having opted to treat his hair loss with a combination of medical interventions and a personal Laser Cap rather than attending the clinic for fortnightly laser treatments. With an appointment booked to see the clinic doctor to have his RealGROWTH® prescription medications issued and Laser Cap ordered, Mikaere was able to start using his supplements and hygiene products immediately.

With such advanced thinning, Mikaere was expecting to see only small changes at his Ashley and Martin Review four months after he began treatment. Looking at his progress photos side by side at this review, Mikaere was delighted by the differences he could see. His hair had significantly increased in density giving it a thicker, fuller appearance in all of the areas that were previously sparsely covered. As far as Mikaere was concerned, his Laser Cap and RealGROWTH® treatment were money well spent.






*name changed to protect privacy

15 Dec 2016 0