Case Study: Client’s scepticism alleviated after seeing his own before and after hair loss photos

Callum* had been noticing hair fall from a very early age and it had always affected his confidence.  For the past five years it had bothered him greatly and now, at 22 years old, he was ready to address the problem.

He had heard about Ashley and Martin medical hair loss clinic through the internet and on their tv ads but he was always a bit sceptical about what they were saying. He didn’t really think that his hair would magically grow back but his mum convinced him to at least attend the obligation free consultation and she went along with him for support.

At the clinic, Callum’s scepticism disappeared. The consultant explained how a multifaceted treatment program would halt the current shedding and encourage new growth. He diagnosed Callum with Norwood level III male pattern baldness, and reassured him that it was not uncommon for very young men to start losing hair – especially when there is a family history of hair loss.

Callum was keen to give it a go and enrolled on to the 12 month RealGROWTH® program the same day

At  Callum’s six month progress review the difference in the before and after photos told their own success story. These were Callum’s own before and after results, the same sort of images that he had been sceptical about and he was extremely happy with the results. Family and friends had noticed the positive change too. The DHT inhibitors had worked to prevent Callum’s hair follicles from shrinking and becoming dormant and the supplemental medications and laser treatments were encouraging and nurturing that new growth, producing a full, thick head of hair – no magic involved.

*name changed to protect privacy

03 Nov 2021 0