Case Study: Cynical Client Trusts Ashley and Martin to Regrow Hair. Overwhelming Results Achieved.

Greg* was 40, single and cynical of companies offering help to regrow hair. Before coming to Ashley and Martin he had already tried treating his thinning hair with another hair loss clinic. The whole disappointing experience had left him disillusioned, mistrustful of hair loss treatments and with less confidence than he had ever had.

He had heard of Ashley and Martin on the radio and, as the appointment was free and he had nothing to lose, called to make an appointment. Defensive and hesitant to spend more money for nothing he spoke to his Ashely and Martin consultant about his past experiences. He felt he had been ripped off by the other company and wanted to know what made Ashley and Martin different.

After taking the time to get to know what Greg was hoping to achieve with treatment, his consultant conducted a scalp examination. Eight years of consistent, excessive shedding had left Greg with a large balding patch on his crown, temporal recession and a generalised loss of density all over. Diagnosing him with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood level IV-Iva, Greg’s consultant could understand why he was unhappy with the treatment he had undergone in the past. Knowing Greg would be sceptical of the news, his consultant told him Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program would be able to help him achieve exactly what he had come in hoping for.

Putting Greg’s mind at ease, his consultant went on to explain how the RealGROWTH® program was not only different but much more comprehensive than what he had been sold in the past. Each hair growth product was explained in detail and Greg was encouraged to ask as many questions as he wanted. It was heartening to know that Ashley and Martin had so much faith in the treatment that a money back guarantee was offered and his progress on the program would be tracked with photographs. Despite his initial hesitation, Greg signed up for treatment.

Five months to the day Greg sat in his consultant’s office for his first Ashley and Martin Review. He knew that the photographic proof of the state his hair was in at his first appointment would be used as the baseline for comparison today. He had already noticed some changes and was curious to see if his consultant had been able to deliver on his initial assurances.

The difference in Greg’s comparison photos was overwhelming. The volume of hair he had regained in the past 20 weeks was astounding. After such poor results in his first attempt at regrowing his hair he could not believe that he had found a hair loss specialist who could deliver on their promises.






*name changed to protect privacy

12 Jan 2017 0