Case Study: Father Brings Son to Ashley and Martin for Hair Loss Problem

Colin* had just turned eighteen when he came in for his first consultation with Ashley and Martin. It was his father who, after hearing an advertisement on the radio, called to make an appointment for his son.

Attending the initial consultation with his father for support, Colin told his consultant that he had started to notice his hair thinning over the last twelve months. When his accelerated hair loss had not slowed after six months, Colin had begun to consider treatment.

The consultant noted that Colin was thinning evenly throughout the top section of his head and this loss would be plainly visible to anyone Colin interacted with. At this rate, Colin may well lose all his hair within five years. He had tried treating his hair loss with topical treatments given to him by his hairdresser without effect. A fit, healthy young man, leading a normal stress-free life, there was seemingly no reason for his hair loss to have started at such a young age. His father was still sporting a full head of hair, however Colin had inherited the dominant hair loss gene from his mother’s side of the family. His maternal grandfather was the only family member who had gone bald.

Colin’s father was extremely concerned about the impact the hair loss was having on his son’s self-esteem. Heartbroken for his son, he implored their consultant to help his son grow his hair back to regain his confidence. The consultant recommended Colin begin on a RealGROWTH® medical program as soon as possible to achieve maximum hair regrowth. Happy with the information presented to them by both the consultant and the clinic doctor, Colin signed up for treatment immediately.

Four months later Colin and his father attended an Ashley and Martin Review with their consultant. The grin on Colin’s face as he walked in to the clinic lit up his entire face. He had been consistent with his RealGROWTH® treatment, following the program as directed. The result had been beyond what he could have hoped for. His hair had grown back to its original state with no sign that it had been thinning just sixteen weeks previously. Colin’s father was delighted to see his son regain all his self-confidence and surprised at the short amount of time it had taken do achieve so much.






*name changed to protect privacy

30 Nov 2016 0