Case Study: Insecurities Cured with Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH Program

Mike* had been losing his hair for a couple of years before he started to pay attention to the Ashley and Martin ads he was hearing on the radio.  About six months previously he had started to give serious consideration to seeing medical intervention for his hair loss and now he was finally ready to take the first step.

Speaking with his consultant he said he had noticed his hair beginning to thin about two to three years ago, but it had the shedding had increased over the last six months.  He was seriously concerned he would be bald before long just like his father.  The consultant explained to Mike what was causing his genetic hair loss and how the medications used in the RealGROWTH® program were designed to stop this process and reactivate his dormant hair follicles.  Mike was encouraged to ask as many questions as he needed to feel confident that the program would work for him.  At the end of his consult Mike decided to go home and think it over before making his final decision at his doctor’s appointment at the clinic the following week.

After speaking with the doctor Mike decided to go ahead with treatment.  He had his medications prescribed by the clinic doctor and he also purchased a Low Level Laser Therapy device to use at home to compliment his RealGROWTH® program.

Four months later Mike was back in his consultant’s office for his first progress check-up.  Gone was the man who was feeling insecure about his thinning hair. He couldn’t believe how quickly the treatment had started working.  Mike was so happy with how his hair was growing back, he was telling all his friends who needed help to come to Ashley and Martin. One of which has already come in a signed up for his own program based on how well it has worked for Mike.






*name changed to protect privacy

22 Jun 2016 0