Case Study: Patient Achieves Successful Regrowth of Hair With Ashley and Martin

Two years before Benjamin first set foot in an Ashley and Martin clinic, he decided to help raise money for a cause that was extremely important to him. In order to raise money to further cancer research, Benjamin completely shaved his head. Shortly thereafter, he became ill and was diagnosed with glandular fever. With a range of symptoms including fatigue and fever as well as swollen glands, Benjamin was extremely unwell for many weeks.

Over the coming months, Benjamin noticed his hair was not growing back as thick as he was expecting it to on the top of his head. Individual hairs grew in slightly thinner than they had been before shaving his head and only continued to reduce in size.

Knowing this could not have been caused by shaving his head a year and a half year previously, he sought help from his GP. For four months Benjamin used the steroid cream that was prescribed for him, but disappointingly there was no improvement.

Benjamin contacted Ashley and Martin to find out if there was something further he could do to bring his hair back. He told his story to his consultant, and while the consultant thought that being unwell could have contributed to a higher rate of hair fall than normal, he could see signs of male pattern baldness on closer examination. Only the crown was affected which pointed to genetically inherited androgenic alopecia.

His consultant presented treatment options and suggested taking a natural supplement daily and applying a topical medication. For best results, these two interventions should be complemented by laser therapy. Happy with this option, Benjamin decided to move forward with treatment straight away.

Three months after starting his program, Benjamin attended the clinic for his first Ashley and Martin progress review. The results had been so outstanding that Benjamin had already noticed the results. Comparing the photos taken at the first appointment with ones taken in his progress review, both Benjamin and his consultant could see the noticeable improvement. Benjamin’s hair had responded well to using only the natural and topical supplements; distance had prohibited him from coming to the clinic for laser treatments. Given the success of the first three months of treatment, his consultant believed Benjamin had a high chance of gaining the original fullness and density he had begun with within another four months.

*name changed to protect privacy

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