Case Study: Patient Amazed At How Much Regrowth Ashley and Martin Treatment Provides

Rawiri* had been thinking about seeking treatment for his hair for almost a year. Having seen the same advertisement for Ashley and Martin many times, he knew who to come to when he finally took the first step. Searching for a contact option online, Rawiri found he could fill in a short form and wait for a call back from his local clinic. This option suited the 40 year old well and he spent 45 seconds filling in his name and contact number before hitting submit.

A family history of hair loss, a high stress job and the daily pressures of raising a family had all contributed to Rawiri’s Norwood level II-III Male Pattern Hair Loss. It had been six years since he had first noticed it begin to happen and he was hopeful his consultant would be able to give him good news after his examination.

Rawiri was relieved to hear he had not waited too long to get treatment for his genetic hair loss. He was offered a medical hair regrowth program consisting of prescription and herbal medications, specialised hygiene products and in clinic Low Level Laser Therapy treatments. Concerned about the way he looked with such advanced hair loss Rawiri was intrigued by the idea of treatment, but wanted to discuss it with his partner before committing.

Four months after he had first come to speak to his consultant, Rawiri attended an appointment with the clinic hair loss doctor in order to commence treatment. And a further four months later he was sitting across from his consultant for his first Ashley and Martin Review. In the interim Rawiri had attended regular laser therapy treatments and been diligent in taking his medication each day. The results of his efforts showed and he knew it. Already his self-esteem had risen immeasurably and he was amazed at how much regrowth he had gained. He had not believed that he would see so much improvement in such a short span of time.






*name changed to protect privacy

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