Case Study: Tears of Sadness Turn to Tears of Joy As Client’s Hair Regrows

Olivia* looked at her Ashley and Martin consultant and burst into tears. The changes to her hair had destroyed her self-esteem, leaving her confidence in ruins. Navigating the well-meaning comments from workmates asking her if she was undergoing chemotherapy because of the state of her hair was more than she could take. She was already under stress at work, adding to the mental and emotional strain caring for her sick mother put her under.

She had tried every lotion, shampoo and ointment she could find that promised to give her hair back to her without success. She even sought help from her GP. No matter where she turned and what she tried, Olivia continued to watch as her beautiful hair was ravaged. Seeing an advertisement for Ashley and Martin that specifically offered assistance for female hair loss had led the 59-year-old to be seated across from the understanding woman in front of her.

Olivia’s consultant sat with her and discussed all the factors in her life that may be contributing to her hair loss. As well as the stresses in her life, Olivia’s thinning was also linked to family genetics. Her paternal grandmother had suffered from female pattern hair loss. Although Olivia had only been seeing the effects of her hair loss for the past two years, a scalp examination revealed the likelihood that it had been closer to five years since the onset of her problem.

Together, the women began treating Olivia’s hair loss with low level laser therapy, supplements targeted to the growth and health of her hair and specialised hygiene products. Medication was an option, however Olivia decided to see the results that could be gained without it to begin with. Over the following twelve months Olivia followed her treatment plan and noticed the positive benefits it was having on her hair. But while some of her hair had regrown, her scalp was still visible, and it was still a source of great distress to her.

Taking the step of introducing the prescription topical medication the women had discussed initially, Olivia met with the clinic’s hair loss doctor. After completing blood tests to confirm there were no other underlying contributors to her hair loss, Olivia was prescribed her RealGROWTH® solution.

Eight months after adding her RealGROWTH® medication to her daily routine, Olivia returned to the clinic for a check up with both the doctor and her consultant. Looking across at her consultant from where she had sat in that very first meeting, Olivia burst into tears once again. But this time, Olivia cried tears of joy and gratitude. Looking at Olivia, her consultant was astounded; she looked like a completely different woman. Not only did her hair cover her entire scalp, but she shone with confidence.



*name changed to protect privacy

22 Jul 2019 0