Case Study: Two Years of Hair Loss Undone in Sixteen Weeks with Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH Treatment

Watching the depth of the recession in Jared’s* temples get consistently worse, it was the barber who had first tried to help Jared with his hair loss. He tried to help by providing him with over the counter products available in the shop. Sadly for Jared, this did not work.

Looking at his father and all the men on his mother’s side of the family, Jared had a fair indication of what was in store for him if he did not seek the help of a hair loss specialist. Wanting discuss his concerns, he contacted Ashley and Martin to book a free consultation.

The 22 year old student told his consultant that he was worried about how his hair loss was affecting his appearance. After determining that Jared’s Norwood II hair loss was indeed genetic, the consultant asked Jared what he was hoping to gain from treatment. This information would make sure Jared not only had realistic expectations of what medication could achieve, but would ensure the advice he gave was going to meet the outcomes Jared was hoping for. It was Jared’s hope that with medical treatment he would be able to stop his hair from shedding above what was normal and bring his hair line forward to where it used to be.

Confident that the RealGROWTH® program could achieve the outcomes Jared was looking for, his consultant discussed the range of therapies that would make up Jared’s program with him. After being given the opportunity to ask all the questions he had, Jared signed up for treatment and was assisted to book an appointment with the clinic doctor.

It was hard to believe that two years of hair loss could be undone in just sixteen weeks, but at Jared’s first Ashley and Martin Review, the evidence was right in front of him. His hair was thicker and his temporal recession had decreased substantially. Looking at his progress photos, Jared could not have been happier with his RealGROWTH® treatment program.






*name changed to protect privacy

12 Apr 2017 0