Case Study: Upcoming Nuptials Make Client Extremely Pleased He Decided to Come to Ashley and Martin.

Divit’s* hair loss had begun gradually six years ago when he was twenty years old. At the time he had not paid it much mind, but in the last three years the hair fall had accelerated and the distance between individual hairs was becoming much more obvious.

Curious as to the best hair loss treatment he could use to solve this problem, Divit looked for solutions to hair loss online. Contacting Ashley and Martin through the online enquiry form, Divit booked his free consultation.

The excessive thinning, which was most prominent on his crown and mid-frontal region, had been inherited from his father, who in turn had inherited it from his own father just like all the men in his immediate family. This Norwood III vertex androgenic alopecia was exactly what Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® was designed to treat; the consultant discussed with Divit how the treatment program could assist him.

Unsure if he was ready to go ahead with treatment, Divit asked for more time to think about it. His consultant assured him that the consultation was obligation-free and Divit was free to take all the time he needed to think about it.

A week after his initial appointment, Divit’s consultant emailed him to touch base and find out if he had any further questions about the RealGROWTH® program. Although Divit did not have any further questions, he had taken the time to think things over and was ready to go ahead with treatment. After attending an appointment with the clinic doctor, Divit’s medication was prescribed and he was ready to commence his in-home medication and laser therapy program.

At his first Ashley and Martin Review four months into his program, Divit mentioned he was getting married at the end of the year. He was already happy with the extra density he had gained, but with his upcoming nuptials he was extremely pleased he had decided to undergo treatment.






*name changed to protect privacy

10 May 2017 0