Friends See Great Results and Start Their Own Ashley and Martin Treatment

It took Assad* over a year from his first internet enquiry to build up the courage and make an appointment for an initial free consultation. Looking back he is thankful he didn’t leave it any longer, so are his friends.

Assad moved to New Zealand from Afghanistan at the age of 12, now at 18 and happy with life there was only one thing causing him concern, his hair. Assad started to notice the thinning of his hair 2 years ago, more recently it had become very noticeable, especially at the front and on the crown. Conscious of this, he was now wearing his hair short to try and make the hair loss less noticeable to others.

Upon examination Assad’s consultant could see that the density in the temporal area and crown had suffered the most and was quite severe. Experiencing hair loss at such a young age was clearly frustrating Assad, he couldn’t understand why it was happening. There was no history of male pattern baldness in his family, his general health was very good; he led a very unstressful life and did not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

Assad’s consultant explained about the cause of male pattern baldness, reassuring him that whilst there appeared to be no family history or underlying causes, it may have skipped generations as Male Pattern Baldness affects about 80% of men and could occur at any time. Feeling informed Assad was eager to start making a difference to his appearance. A RealGrowth® medical treatment program was recommended consisting of anti-androgens, topical solution, herbal supplements and specialist hygiene products.

Adhering to the program as instructed, Assad noticed his hair was improving quickly. So much so, 3 months after starting treatment his friends also wanted to achieve the same results. Assad attended the initial consultations with both of his friends. The same hair growth treatment was recommended, they couldn’t wait to get started.

Whilst Assad was not due his check up for another month his consultant requested to take progress photos early as the difference was highly noticeable. Assad was amazed seeing the comparison photos, his hair was much denser, more defined and the thinning was hardly noticeable. His friends are looking forward to achieving the same results.





*name changed to protect privacy

10 Jul 2017 0