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frontal hair loss treatment

There has been many false thought processes involving the treatment of hair loss in the frontal hair line region over the years. The one that we hear a lot of is that medical treatment will not work in this region. That is an incorrect statement. Our experience shows that medical treatment will work from where the frontal hair line is visible.We believe that the misconception comes from patients wanting to lower their frontal hair line and are disappointed with the final result. Medical interception in the battle of frontal hair loss has a firm rule and that is it won’t bring the hair line down, it will only work from where the existing hairline is present. If you have an expectation of bringing your existing frontal hair line down, then hair replacement is the only option.

The techniques used maybe surgical or non-surgical hair replacement (please refer to our sister company www.worldhairsystems.com.au for non-surgical hair replacement systems).

Surgical options are great however as the patient has a limited amount of donor area and the result is permanent, as such a strict criterion is used for acceptance. In another way of putting it, if your desire does not match the correct ethical approach on the creation of a new hair line then the surgical team will reject you. If you still have a lot of hair left then the surgeon’s will insist that you also use the medical options to protect your existing hair from disappearing.

Non-surgical hair replacement is another system however it has limitations in the frontal hair line.

Another school of thought is to combine both hair replacement options. This may work for some however for the majority it is the worst of outcomes.

The most important piece of advice we can give when looking for frontal hair loss treatment is that each person presents with different wants and needs. You need to be told all options with the pros and cons presented in a fair and ethical way. In doing this you may hear things that you don’t want to hear. We will not inform you of things which are not feasible and if your expectation is higher than what is possible at this stage we will be communicating this message to you.

Good luck in your search for frontal hair loss treatments and we expect to be seeing you soon.