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Hair Baldness

The term balding is not one that should be used for anyone who is losing hair through genetic reasons. The term thinning would be more appropriate.Balding if we look at a direct meaning is to be somewhat bald. This term would be more suitable to use for patients who are experiencing Alopecia Areata (complete hair loss in a small area).Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) and Female Pattern Baldness (FPB) or its other more appropriate term Androgenetic Alopecia is about hair strands thinning and getting shorter. Each time the hair strand goes through a growth cycle the new hairs that come back are smaller and finer until finally they serve no cosmetic purpose at all. The cause is one of a genetic nature. It will be passed down from either side of the family, although life styles will speed up the onset and the rate of hair loss.In the last 3 decades major breakthroughs have been made it treating males and females with a hair loss condition. In most cases results are fantastic however the results are only going to be present if you keep up the regime of treatment prescribed by our doctors.Referring back to the term of balding relates to bald patches appearing on the scalp most likely by the condition Alopecia Areata. This is an auto immune condition where it is thought that the immune system is rejecting the hair strand. In most cases the immune system will settle down and the hair will grow back again. If it does not grow back and further balding is occurring then there are treatments available to combat the condition.

So whatever your hair loss condition is, a free consultation is the best first step to see what type of hair loss or balding you have and what your options are for treating the problem.