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RealHAIR – for advanced hair loss

The RealHAIR single follicle transfer technique is designed to restore your hair the very way you lost it – one single hair follicle at a time. Each follicle will be inserted in at the angle and direction it was in the first place. Or you can redesign your hairline – it’s your choice. FUE or FUT procedures available through a selected pool of surgeons.

Ashley and Martin will consult you on what are your best options in the surgical field including which surgeons are performing to a suitable standard and which ones to avoid.

Even though the company is not earning anything out of this procedure we wish to be involved. This will include photographing your results, consulting you on all the other aspects of the industry and ongoing advice.

As surgery is an invasive procedure and that it carries risks, we suggest that a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner should also be sought.


Ashley and Martin Hair Transplant