Free Consultation

We Understand

Hair loss can be a very confronting issue. Some people will accept baldness; others will be more pro-active and want to do something about it. At Ashley and Martin we are there to assist you in getting correct and relevant information.
Once a person has decided to be pro-active regarding their hair loss, they should come in for a consultation. This visit is free and we will inform you of what can be done, costings related to the necessary course of treatment or hair replacement needed and then the decision is in your hands.
If you decide that Ashley and Martin is the best fit for yourself, you will be placed into an environment of exceptionally high level of customer service. The Ashley and Martin consultants will be your personal trainers for your hair loss condition. With constant contact and reassurance. Their role is to help you get the maximum results attainable and to keep it. This is a relationship that maintains high levels of service through personal contact and an email reminder system that tracks where you should be with your treatment and when you should visit us next. It is designed to take all of the worry out of your condition.
Ashley and Martin are not surpassed in our levels of customer service, professionalism and empathy. Our consultants have had hair loss issues as well, so they know how it feels and what needs to be done. We are there for you.