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Female Hair Loss Facts & Treatments

Female hair loss, or Female Pattern Baldness (FPB), is quite complicated in its causes and treatment. If it’s of a generic nature, the pattern of thinning and hair loss will spread outwards from the crown area. The treatments and medications used to treat hair loss in women is largely dictated by the age of the patient.Essentially, female hair loss is the same condition as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). However doctors believe that over 30 hormones could be associated with the problem as opposed to the one that is associated with hair loss in men. So treatment is even more personalised with female patients. A number of blood tests need to be taken to rule out any other causes of hair loss, and as with men, the problem needs to be treated as soon as a diagnosis is made. The earlier we can detect the problem, the better the results we can achieve.

RealGROWTH® for Women – for all stages of hair loss

RealGROWTH® hair loss treatment for women is dependant on diagnoses of the condition via blood tests by our doctors. The range of treatments could include an Anti-Androgen (which is used to control hormones involved in female hair loss), prescribed medications, natural supplements, vitamins, therapeutic treatments and on-going support.

Ashley & Martin LaserPro Plus

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Ashley and Martin Hair Loss for Women