Case Study: Ashley and Martin Treatment Lessens Effects of Secondary Period of Hair Loss

Graham* was prompted to call Ashley and Martin after hearing about us on the radio. He had been noticing his hair become progressively thinner over the past year and was beginning to become concerned about his appearance. He knew there was a good chance he had inherited his hair loss from his mother’s side of the family and after month of consideration, took the first step to solving his problem.

Still quite young and wanting support when he discussed treatment options with a hair loss specialist, Graham attended his first appointment with his mother. After discussing his family history of hair loss and enquiring about any other medical or mental health issues that may impact on the young man’s natural hair cycle, the consultant performed a scalp examination. Graham’s fine, wispy hair was thinning throughout the entire scalp; he was diagnosed with male pattern hair loss, Norwood IIIa.

As Graham lived a considerable distance from the clinic, the consultant devised a treatment plan that did not require him to come to the clinic for laser therapy appointments. Graham and his mother went home to discuss the medical hair loss treatment that had been presented to them with his father. After discussing it as a family, they were all in agreement that it was worth calling Ashley and Martin back to go ahead with treatment.

During the course of his program, Graham went through a taxing period of emotional distress. His body reacted to this stress by sending his hair into a stage of Telogen Effluvium. The impact of this temporary hair loss condition was lessened by the medication he was already on and stabilised quickly.

Despite this minor setback, Graham’s hair continued to increase in density. Photos taken at the beginning of his program compared to ones taken eight months later showed the excessive shedding had ceased and a natural growth cycle re-established. He was no longer worried about losing all of his hair and felt happy with the progress he was making.






*name changed to protect privacy

15 Mar 2017 0