Category: Hair Regrowth

Case Study: Evidence Based Treatments Found at Ashley and Martin

Thomas was in the early stages of hair loss when he approached Ashley and Martin for help. Twenty-nine and finishing up his degree at University, Thomas was a man who valued science over hype and empty promises. In the two years he had been considering treatment, Thomas had not used any of the over the counter hair loss remedies available...
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June 25th, 2018

Hair Loss Treatment Results After Sixteen Weeks on RealGROWTH Program

Charlie* was well aware of Ashley and Martin’s reputation; he’d seen the adverts on the TV, heard the adverts on the radio and read the case studies on the Internet. Yet there was still something stopping him making that all important appointment to go into a clinic and discuss his hair loss concerns. Hoping to ease his concerns Charlies wife went...
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September 17th, 2017

Case Study: Father Brings Son to Ashley and Martin for Hair Loss Problem

Colin* had just turned eighteen when he came in for his first consultation with Ashley and Martin. It was his father who, after hearing an advertisement on the radio, called to make an appointment for his son. Attending the initial consultation with his father for support, Colin told his consultant that he had started to notice his hair thinning over the...
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November 30th, 2016