Case Study: Client Ecstatic to have Achieved Hair Regrowth Goals Before Wedding

Cole* came to his first consultation hiding his hair loss under a beanie. The entire top of his scalp had been evenly and drastically affected by hair loss. The excessive loss had started five years ago, progressively getting worse as time wore on. At first, the loss had not bothered him. It was slight and barely noticeable at first. But in the last three years it had started to trouble him.

His wedding just ten months in the future, Cole desperately wanted to walk down the aisle with a thick head of hair instead of the sparse, number one that he usually sported. Wanting to beat the genetic hair loss handed down to him through the generations, he contacted Ashley and Martin.

The consultant he met with estimated that the 35 year old would lose the majority of the hair he had left, if not all of it, within the next three years. He let his consultant know what he was hoping to achieve with treatment and she presented him with a hair loss treatment plan that would address those issues for him. Cole was impressed with what he had learned, but wanted to discuss it with his partner before committing to treatment.

An hour after stepping out of his consultant’s office Cole was on the phone. He had discussed it with his partner and was ready to go ahead with treatment. He made an appointment to see the clinic hair loss doctor the following week, keen to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Four months after he started treatment he met with his consultant for his first Ashley and Martin Review. This progress photos showed that his treatment had started off strongly. Cole’s partner had noticed the results he was getting already and Cole was excited to see what he could achieve by continuing to adhere closely to his treatment program.

At eight months Cole came to see his consultant for another progress review. His hair had grown much longer and Cole told his consultant that it was the first time in many years that he had been able to grow his hair this long and not feel uncomfortable about it. His newly returned hair had completely changed the way Cole looked and, with his wedding just two months away, he was ecstatic that he had achieved such great results. He would be able to walk down the aisle a confident man.






*name changed to protect privacy

28 Mar 2017 0