Case Study: Client’s Commitment to Her Ashley and Martin Program Pays Off

The excessive hair fall that had prompted Gabrielle* to attend her first consultation early in 2016 had begun five years previously. Over the last two years her scalp had become noticeably visible along the mid frontal area, extending in to her part line. Gabrielle might have understood if she were older, but at 44 years old, she was not ready to lose her hair.
Gabrielle’s role at work put her in front of people all day and it was important for her confidence to look her best. The hair she had lost to date had rocked her confidence both in her professional and personal life.

The Ashley and Martin consultant she met with made Gabrielle feel comfortable discussing the health issues she had battled and the treatments she had tried to treat the associated hair loss. For women suffering polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thinning hair can be a unfortunate side effect. She had tried shampoos and conditioners made especially for hair loss as well as dietary supplements, however these had had no effect on her hair. Blood tests taken by her own doctor highlighted that Gabrielle had low iron levels, which may have also played a role in her hair loss.
The consultant described how Low Level Laser Therapy delivered with a Laser Cap in conjunction with Ashley and Martin’s specially formulated dietary supplements and hygiene products would assist her to reverse the damage done by her PCOS.

A month passed wherein Gabrielle did research of her own to confirm what her consultant was suggesting would be the best course of action. Satisfied that her research confirmed what she was being told, she returned to the hair loss clinic to see the clinic’s hair loss doctor and her consultant.

After four months of treatment, Gabrielle attended her first Ashely and Martin Review. Until she saw her progress photos side by side, she had not been confident that the treatment had been working. Photos taken in her initial appointment compared to ones taken moments before indicated there had been a considerable amount of regrowth. This change spurred Gabrielle into becoming more consistent with her treatment.

Eight months after her treatment had begun, Gabrielle knew her commitment to the program had paid off. The amount of hair she had regained was impressive. Looking at the progression in her initial, four month and eight month photos Gabrielle could not believe how much her hair’s density had increased. She was overwhelmed with the result and was grateful to Ashley and Martin for helping her get her confidence back.






*name changed to protect privacy

13 Feb 2017 0