Case Study: Client Sees Hair Regrowth After Five Years of Loss

A hard worker by day, Jonah* loved to party when he had time off.  The state of his hair, however, was affecting his usual confidence enjoying time out on the town. While Jonah had been losing his hair for almost five years, it wasn’t until the last three months that the idea of seeking help had crossed his mind. Rather than try treating his hair loss himself, Jonah searched online for a hair loss clinic to assist him. After weighing up the options he found online, Jonah contacted Ashley and Martin through the online contact form on our website. Shortly after, a representative from his local clinic contacted him to book a free consultation for him to have his hair loss assessed and discuss treatment options. Not wanting to lose his hair so young, 27-year-old Jonah booked the next available appointment that fitted in with his schedule.

The appointment with his consultant that Jonah attended was professional and informative. The reasons behind the genetic hair loss he had inherited from his father and grandfather were explained as were the ways in which the RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program would intervene to reverse his Norwood III loss.

Jonah went away to ensure his upcoming travels and commitments would not impact his ability to fully commit to a treatment program. Once satisfied he would be near a clinic to engage in laser therapy as much as possible throughout his program, Jonah signed up.

Due to his work commitments, Jonah was unable to attend low level laser therapy as often as he would have liked. But determined to try as hard possible to work on the detrimental impact he felt his hair was having on his appearance, Jonah followed his program faithfully and attended laser treatments as often as he could. He had already lost so much hair he knew it would be a long journey to get back as much as possible.

Within weeks, Jonah noticed the excessive hair fall he had been experienced had completely stopped. He now knew that no matter how much hair he gained back, he was definitely not going to lose any more. This in itself sparked confidence in his appearance and the program. Little by little, Jonah saw his hair start to become thicker, giving him a more even coverage across his crown and begin to fill in towards his frontal hair line. And as his hair started to return, so did his confidence.



*name changed to protect privacy

16 Jan 2019 0