Hair Density Doubled with Ashley and Martin RealGROWTH Program

Over a period of six months, Jeff* noticed his hair becoming thinner and more sparse from the front of his head, all the way back to his crown. This wide patch of rapidly decreasing hair was concerning to the 28 year old.

Jeff’s consultant gathered as much information as possible to make his diagnosis. In good health, Jeff’s stress levels at work had risen sharply. And while Jeff had no known family history of hair loss; it appeared he was the first of his line to carry the gene. A scalp examination confirmed the diagnosis of male pattern hair loss, Norwood I-II and made the consultant question Jeff’s assumption of how long he had been losing hair. It appeared to the consultant that Jeff had been losing his hair for up to a year longer than he had first thought.

While Jeff’s hair was beginning to look rather ravaged by his hair loss, it was not too late for him to reverse the majority of the loss. Using a combination of prescription anti-androgens and topical solution, herbal supplements, scalp cleansing agents and in-home laser therapy with a LaserCap®, Jeff’s hair loss could be addressed. Each one of these hair growth products played a pivotal role intervening in the process causing his hair to fall out. Happy with the information and product he was being shown, Jeff signed up and booked in for a doctor’s appointment.

When it came to the financial aspects of his program, Jeff’s consultant tried to make paying for it as easy and affordable as possible for the young man. Given the choice between paying for his program in full or paying it off in installments, Jeff opted for smaller, monthly payments.

With regular use of his RealGROWTH® program, Jeff’s hair stopped falling out at the higher than average rate it had been. And by the time he came to his consultant to check in with his progress to date, it was evident to both men that they were seeing a marked increase in density across the whole of Jeff’s scalp.





*name changed to protect privacy

18 Oct 2017 0