Case Study: Severe Hair Loss Reversed

Stress and genetics were wreaking havoc on Takul’s* once thick, dark hair. Within two weeks of the first thought of treatment crossing his mind, Takul was sitting across from his consultant discussing how Ashley and Martin could help him. The added anxiety his hair loss was causing him made the transition from thinking, to Googling to submitting an online enquiry swift and easy.

The 26-year-old had first noticed his hair loss six months ago, however it appeared to his Ashley and Martin consultant that the loss had much more likely been happening over at least three or four years. Takul’s father had experienced hair loss and that, together with the pattern of loss he was seeing, prompted the consultant to diagnose Takul with male pattern hair loss, Norwood IV. In addition to the consistent loss he was experiencing as a result of his male pattern hair loss, Takul also underwent sporadic periods of excess shedding. These periods of telogen stress were a result of the mental strain he was under at work.

Takul’s advanced hair loss, while quite severe, was not beyond help. The consultant was transparent about the process and the likely outcome range of the proposed treatment. With intervention in the genetic causes, the male pattern hair loss could be arrested and reversed to a certain degree. This in turn would have a positive effect on the telogen effluvium his anxiety was triggering.

After sitting on this information for a week, Takul called the clinic and booked an appointment to see his consultant and the clinic doctor. He was ready to begin his treatment.

With time and regular treatment, Takul’s hair gradually improved. The anxiety induced telogen stress caused a period of shedding at the beginning of his program and again after several more months, however his RealGROWTH&reg treatment program worked to regrow what had been lost.

Takul was extremely happy with the turn around in his hair’s coverage and health. The new density in his hair alleviated some of the stress he was under and he was glad he had not wasted a moment in deciding to come to Ashley and Martin.

* Name changed to protect privacy

10 Oct 2018 0